Greens demand no one is left behind as Government support starts to wind down

29 June 2020

  • Green Party publishes comprehensive plan to ensure we avoid cliff edge as Government support starts to taper off
  • Furlough scheme starts to wind down this week, eviction ban ends in August
  • Jonathan Bartley: “The time has come to ask who the economy is for”

The Green Party has today published a series of demands to guarantee nobody is left behind as the Government’s coronavirus support packages start to wind down. [1]

From this week [w/c 29 June], the Government’s furlough scheme will no longer be open to new applicants or additional employees and businesses will be able to bring staff back part-time before the level of support falls to 60% in October. [2].

Meanwhile, the ban on evictions for those renting will be lifted at the end of August [3], and the Government’s test and trace may not be fully operational until September. [4]

It means millions across the country are facing the prospect of becoming impoverished, losing their home or falling ill unless the Government ensures proper protections.

The Greens have now put together a series of bold proposals which would provide everybody with security as the economic, social and health consequences of the coronavirus crisis become clearer.

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said:

“Whether it be in the face of Coronavirus or the climate emergency, the Government's first duty is to protect. But the last few months have seen a scattergun approach that has offered limited support to some while others have been left to fend for themselves. Soon, even these protections will disappear.

“The time has come to ask who the economy is for. The economic impact of coronavirus will last for generations and we know that the economy must be transformed if we are to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.

“This is the moment for the Government to raise its ambition, establish real social security and not cut support. The Government’s success or failure will be judged by whether it provides people with what they need to thrive, not just survive.”

The paper, Whatever It Takes: Our plan to leave no one behind in this crisis, sets out a number of proposals in three main areas to ensure no one is left destitute, no one is left in danger and no one is left without a home.

Key policy proposals include a Universal Basic Income, an acceleration of a fully effective test and trace system with the highest data standards and ring-fenced funding for local authorities to provide shelter for every rough sleeper who wants it.

Bartley said:

“The coronavirus crisis has highlighted in starker terms than ever before the importance of building security, resilience and basic dignity across our society.

“The policies we are putting forward aren’t just common sense, they are essential to ensure people have the security they need as we build back better from coronavirus and transform the economy in the face of the climate crisis.”




The paper, Whatever It Takes: Our plan to leave no one behind in this crisis, will be published at 00.01 on Monday 29 June


The Government has announced that from 30 June, companies will no longer be able to apply for the job retention scheme or furlough additional employees.

Businesses will be able to start bringing staff back part-time from 1 July, while from August they will be expected to contribute to furloughed salaries.

From October, the Government will only pay 60% of wages and employees will pay 20% to make up 80% of the total salary.



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