Greens respond to Generation Rent call to “end the debt rent crisis”

1 July 2020

Today Generation Rent warns of a potential trebling of homelessness in the months ahead, and has published a plan to end the debt crisis.

While both Labour and Conservative policy is for renters to eventually pay back arrears to their landlords, The Green Party calls for the forgiveness of all rent arrears and appropriate state support for affected landlords.

Co-leader of the Green Party Sian Berry said:

“Both Labour and Conservatives seem to think that over half a million people who have fallen behind on rent are going to be able to magic up the money to pay their landlords. Even if you’re only a payment or two behind, this is completely unrealistic with rents being so high. 

“That's why I’m so glad to see Generation Rent adopt the call to forgive all arrears accrued during this emergency, and provide appropriate compensation for landlords. 

“With recession looming and arrears only likely to stack up, it’s in nobody’s interest to kick thousands and thousands of people onto the street in an unprecedented wave of homelessness during a global pandemic. 

“Let’s wipe what renters owe, give state support to the landlords, and keep everyone where they’re meant to be at the moment - at home.”

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