Green Party condemns government’s lack of progress on LGBTIQA+ rights

18 August 2020

  • Two years since government published LGBT Action Plan yet still no action
  • Greens condemn lack of progress and demand Liz Truss recommits to plan
  • Natalie Bennett: “This government made a promise to the LGBTIQA+ community to make lives better, but the copious delays have meant more suffering and uncertainty.”

The Green Party has condemned the government’s lack of progress on its own LGBT Action Plan more than two years after it was published.

Theresa May published the plan while Prime Minister  in July 2018 [1], yet the government has so far failed to publish its annual review of progress.

At the time the plan was published, then Minister for Women and Equalities Penny Mordaunt promised that she was “determined to help make the UK a country that works for LGBT people because no matter what your gender identity or sexual orientation is, you should be able to reach your full potential.”

While the plan was welcomed as a positive step forward when it was announced, two years later the lack of progress has become notable.

The Green Party has now urged the current Equalities Minister Liz Truss to recommit to the LGBT Action Plan and deliver on the promises the government has made.

Green peer Natalie Bennett said: “The lack of progress on the LGBT Action Plan is incredibly disappointing. 

“This government made a promise to the LGBTIQA+ community to make lives better, but the copious delays have meant more suffering and uncertainty. The absence of leadership has allowed transphobia and bigotry to prosper.”

Two years since the publication of the plan, the government has failed to:

  • Ban conversion therapy - despite repeated promises [2]
  • Deliver on the promise to reform the Gender Recognition Act - and make legal recognition of one’s gender a kinder process [3]
  • Launch an enquiry on the needs of non-binary people [4]
  • Collect improved data on LGBTIQA+ lives - including the prevalence of LGBTIQA+ suicides [5]
  • Fully roll out PrEP with a sufficient budget for commissioning [6]
  • Tackle unreasonably long waiting times at Gender Identity Clinics [7]
  • Make the asylum process for LGBTIQA+ refugees fairer [8]

LGBTIQA+ Greens deputy chair Lee-Anne Lawrance said: “The absence of the annual report is disturbing. Is the government’s commitment to equality waning? 

“I’d urge Liz Truss to not delay any more. Ban conversion therapy. Reform the Gender Recognition Act. Recommit to the LGBT Action Plan.”




Plan available here:


Liz Truss promised plans to be published “shortly” in June


Boris has once again confirmed a delay in publishing any recommendations


The government has not published the promised inquiry since the LGBT Action plan


“One year on from its "updated Suicide Prevention Strategy", the government is yet to start its "rapid evidence review" into LGBT suicide.”


The government announced a £5 million budget cut to the PrEP commissioning budget - before the delayed rollout


GIC waiting lists are at crisis point


LGBTIQA+ refugees are regularly having their claims rejected by the UK government


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