Measures to stop second wave do not go far enough, warn Greens

22 September 2020

The new coronavirus measures announced by Boris Johnson will not prevent a second wave of infections without a proper test and trace system, the Greens have warned.

Sian Berry, Green Party co-leader and Mayor of London candidate, said the government must also stop blaming the public for not understanding its confusing communication around the virus and instead work on making guidance much clearer.

Berry said:

“The new measures simply do not go far enough to stop a second wave of coronavirus.

“As we’ve said since very early on in this pandemic, the only way to ensure people are kept as safe as possible from this deadly disease is an effective test and trace system, run by those with local expertise and with appropriate government funding.

“We already know that people do not want large private companies running test and trace, and it is now clear they are unable to provide the service necessary to keep people safe.

“The government has now totally lost the trust of the public. Not only has it failed on its promise to deliver a reliable test and trace system, but it has also completely mishandled the communication around its guidance. 

“Blaming the public for not understanding the confusing and contradictory messaging is not going to solve anything and makes restrictions much less effective. The government should instead be doing all it can to make its guidance as clear and concise as possible.”

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