Chancellor’s new rescue plan fails to provide protection for all, Greens warn

24 September 2020

The Chancellor’s latest plans to prevent unemployment once the furlough scheme ends do not ensure financial security for all, Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley has warned.

Bartley said:

“It is crucial to protect jobs at any time, but particularly during a crisis and so the action taken by the Chancellor is welcome. However, government support has so far fallen far short of providing universal financial protection for workers. 

“A universal basic income would be the most effective way to ensure that nobody is left behind by providing a guaranteed income for all, regardless of their circumstances.

“Today’s announcement also shows how this government is clinging on to the jobs of the past when it needs to be looking to the future.

“The government should also be investing in a Green New Deal, which would create sustainable and fulfilling work for people across the country, prepare our society for a low-carbon future and tackle the climate crisis.”

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