Green Party warns Labour’s green economic recovery plans do not go far enough

10 November 2020

The Green Party has warned Labour’s plans for a green economic recovery [1] are a step in the right direction but do not go far enough.

Responding to the publication of the policy, Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley, said:

“While it’s welcome to see Labour taking this step in the right direction we need to face the reality of the task before us, and this kind of ambition simply does not go far enough.

“At the last election the Green Party pledged to spend £100 billion a year for the next ten years to create millions of green jobs. This is the kind of ambition that is needed if we are serious about tackling the climate and social emergencies on our doorstep. [2]

“We no longer have time for the half measures or the gradual realisation we are seeing from the two main parties. 

“In a climate emergency we can’t be offering a half-hearted green recovery on one hand while bailing out airlines on the other. It's time to match the scale of investment with the urgency of the climate emergency we're facing.”





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