Jonathan Bartley responds to government’s 10 point climate change plan

17 November 2020

Responding to the government’s ten point plan for climate change, Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said:

“Any action to address climate change is welcome, but this is nowhere near the scale or speed of what is needed. It’s like dialling 999 when your house is on fire, but Boris Johnson turns up hours late with a garden hose.

“We know that we need to decarbonise every single sector within the next ten years, and also that it is possible. But it will require a fundamental shift in the way our economy works, not a shopping list of policies without any real sense of clear limits or targets. This 10 point plan is essentially business as usual, with a few half-hearted measures and some wishful thinking about pie-in-the-sky technologies such as Jet Zero which don’t even exist yet.

“The Government is missing a wide open goal. The Prime Minister is talking of 250,000 jobs, but this is simply not the level of ambition that’s required. We should be aiming for millions of Green jobs. This is not only achievable but the best way to address the threat of a deep recession.

“A Green recovery is the best way out of both the climate crisis and the economic challenges that we face right here, right now.”


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