Green Party responds to Donald Trump attempted coup

7 January 2021

Green Party co-leader Sian Berry: "Democracy demands defence and renewal"

In response to the violent scenes in Washington yesterday, the Green Party has called for a renewed commitment to democracy from all citizens, wherever they are in the world. 

Co-leader Sian Berry said: "For the past five years Donald Trump has shown nothing but contempt for democracy. He has flouted democratic norms and institutions, and worse, he has incited violence on the streets and online. Yet in spite of this a large number of influential British politicians and journalists have supported him and sought his approval.

"Politicians, including the majority of the current Cabinet, enabled him and failed to challenge his clear attacks on democratic standards. Far right politicians epitomised by Nigel Farage, explicitly nurtured Trump’s conspiracy theories and propaganda.  Some journalists, now expressing shock, facilitated this attack on democracy and made hay from headlines and clickbait. 

"The UK and USA consider ourselves global leaders of democracy but we have failed to renew and update our own political systems. The events of yesterday indicate the urgent need for serious constitutional review and reform of political systems on both sides of the Atlantic.

"This morning we should all remember that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. We cannot afford to take democracy for granted."

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