Greens take Sheffield City Council to no overall control

7 May 2021

  • Labour council leader unseated by Green candidate
  • Party gains five seats across the city

The Green Party has taken Sheffield City Council to no overall control after gaining a further five seats, meaning Labour has lost its majority in the city.

The Greens increased their number of seats on the council from eight to 13. This means they now have the potential to enter negotiations with Labour and the Liberal Democrats on running the council.

Green Party councillor Douglas Johnson said:

“It is hugely significant that the council has moved to no overall control so the three parties will be forced to work together. This also makes Sheffield the largest city where Greens hold a balance of power. 

“Sheffield’s 13 Green councillors are taking their rightful position as the third largest party on Sheffield City Council.  

“We will continue to push the agenda on the climate emergency, open democracy and community-led action.  We now look forward to working alongside the Labour and LibDem groups and will make our decisions in the next few days in the best interests of the people of Sheffield.”

Johnson also said:

“I am particularly delighted to welcome Christine Gilligan-Kubo as a new councillor who has unseated the Labour Leader of the Council.  That in itself will help a fresh start as the three parties have to work together.  Christine will be a great asset, along with the five new faces on the councillor group.”

The results in Sheffield come as Greens are making gains across the country.

The Greens have won a total of 44 seats overall, including 31 gains, and gained representation on six new councils in this year’s local elections so far.

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said: 

“The historic gains that the Greens have made in Sheffield, are good news for the council and good news for everyone who lives here. It means an even stronger Green voice at the time when local people need it most, whether that is to improve the lives of the people in the city now or securing their future..

“It is clear the world has changed. It is the Greens that are offering hope and a plan for a green recovery that benefits everyone.”


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