New World Health Organisation air pollution limits a wake-up call for government to tackle UK’s dirty air

22 September 2021

Commenting on the announcement by the World Health Organisation that it has slashed its recommended limits for air pollution and urged nations to tackle dirty air [1], Caroline Russell, Green Party transport and healthy streets spokesperson, said:

“Slashing World Health Organisation (WHO) pollution emissions limits is a chance to inspire cities across the world both to protect people’s health and to take the urgent and ambitious action required to cut carbon emissions from transport.”

“We’ve seen years of inaction from our own government on this. Indeed, three times the government has faced legal action over its persistent failure to deal with illegal levels of air pollution across the country [2]. These new limits must be a wake-up call for our government to do everything possible to reduce the need to travel, boost all forms of active travel and public transport and axe the £27bn road building programme.”




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