US and China development 'hugely significant,' now UK needs to turn pledges into action, say Greens

22 September 2021

The Green Party has welcomed firm action from both the US and China ahead of the COP26 climate talks, but warns there is still much more that needs to be done - including by the UK government - if the world is to meet the pledge to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5C. 

Acting Green Party leader, Sian Berry, said:

"News that the US is to double funding to help developing nations tackle the climate crisis [1] and that China is to end investment in coal abroad [2] are both welcome developments. As the world's two largest polluters, it is hugely significant to see the US and China take firm action. 

"Meanwhile our own government makes endless pledges about targets while policy heads in the other direction; slashing overseas aid, giving the green light to new coal mines and dramatically increasing funding for overseas fossil fuel projects. 

"Despite the important steps taken by the US and China, there is still a mountain to climb to transition the global economy so we keep the planet within the 1.5C Paris Agreement threshold. Every country in the world needs to end fossil fuel subsidies and embrace a Global Green New Deal [3]". 





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