Overwhelming public support for Green Party policies on tackling climate crisis

12 October 2021

Responding to the largest ever analysis of policy preferences on tackling the climate crisis and achieving a net-zero economy [1], Green Party co-leader, Adrian Ramsay, said:  

“This biggest ever analysis of climate policy preferences shows that there is overwhelming public support for bold action to tackle the climate crisis and achieve a net zero economy.  

“It is interesting to note that measures the government has either shied away from or failed to invest in are actually the most popular – a carbon tax, a frequent flier levy, large investment in improving buses and cycling and grants for installing heat pumps. This shows the government can be far bolder – perhaps they should just adopt the Green Party manifesto. No wonder Boris Johnson’s climate change spokeswoman urged people to join the Green Party [2]. 

“Given the findings of this analysis it should come as no surprise that the Green Party is regularly polling as the third party in British politics and experiencing huge growth in its members.”


[1] https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/oct/11/uk-public-backs-carbon-tax-high-flyer-levy-and-heat-pump-grants-study-shows

[2] https://political-viewer.com/2021-07-30/boris-johnsons-climate-change-spokeswoman-join-the-green-party


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