Greens respond to government announcement on green investment

14 October 2021

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack has responded to the government’s announcement that the Prime Minister’s 10 point climate plan has attracted £6 billion of foreign investment and created 56,000 jobs.

Womack said:

“The Prime Minister’s 10 point plan has always clearly been about business as usual, with under-ambitious targets and an over-reliance on private enterprise, rather than a real plan of action for decarbonising the economy and this latest announcement is more of the same.

“While we obviously welcome the additional jobs in offshore wind, the fact that the government is announcing these jobs with such fanfare makes it clear they have no sense of the scale or urgency of the energy transition we need to make.

“Boasting about attracting £6 billion of investment shows how this Conservative government just does not get the sense of urgency we need and the role the state must take, as opposed to offering some wishful thinking about pie-in-the-sky technologies such as Jet Zero which don’t even exist yet.

“We need a Green New Deal to invest £100 billion each year over the course of a decade in railways, warm homes and millions of new sustainable jobs in order to truly lead us out of both the climate crisis and the economic challenges we face right here, right now.”


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