Response from Carla Denyer to Greens on brink of entering coalition government in Germany

24 November 2021

Co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, Carla Denyer, welcomed news that the German Greens will enter into a new coalition government, should members vote to back the agreement [1]. She said:

“This is great news and it seems clear that the Greens in Germany have won some key policy demands as part of the coalition agreement, particularly on a massive boost for renewable energy and bringing forward the phase out of coal to 2030.

“This is another example of what is becoming a familiar pattern across Europe, as Germany stands to become the 10th European country with Greens in government. From Scotland and Ireland to Finland and Portugal, Greens are in power and exerting a strong influence over policy.

“By ensuring the climate crisis takes centre stage and by pushing policies to tackle inequality such as increasing minimum wages, Greens in government are helping to deliver social and environmental justice.

“Voters here have a growing appetite for the Green Party of England and Wales to join that list of Greens in government. In England, Greens are already in power or power sharing arrangements in 14 local authorities, delivering policies on free bus travel, retrofitting homes to make them warm and tackle fuel poverty, ensuring developers build zero carbon homes, and protecting trees and green spaces. And with polls now consistently ranking us as the third most popular party in the UK, the prospect of Greens in government is becoming increasingly likely.”



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