Greens overtake Lib Dems in Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election

3 December 2021

Greens say overtaking the Lib Dems and coming fourth in theOld Bexley and Sidcup by-election is a great boost for the Party ahead of next year’s local elections. Co-leader, Adrian Ramsay, also said it was a bad result for both the Conservatives and Conservatives. 

Ramsay said:

“The Green vote in Old Bexley and Sidcup held up well and we overtook the Lib Dems to come fourth. This reflects national polling which now regularly places us as the third party in British politics. Neither Conservatives or Labour can claim it was a good night for them. The Tories saw a steep drop in their vote but Labour failed to capitalise, showing they aren’t representing people's concerns or adequately challenging the government.  

“Our focus now is the local elections next May when we expect to boost our councillor numbers considerably. Greens already have 462 elected members on 145 principal authorities in England and are in power or power sharing arrangements in 14 Councils. 

We know Greens can win anywhere and take seats off anyone. That is exactly what we are working hard to achieve next May.” 

The Green Party candidate in Bexley Hill and Sidcup, Jonathan Rooks, said:

“Coming fourth to overtake the Lib Dems is an encouraging result for the Greens here. I’m hugely grateful to the people who voted for me and who have made a clear statement that they believe in a Green future.

“The sharp drop in the vote for the Conservatives shows that people in this constituency have had their fill of Tory sleaze and are dismayed at government failure to tackle people’s real concerns on the climate crisis, fuel poverty and the protection of green spaces.”


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