Johnson right to say invasion of Ukraine would be disastrous but cannot cast himself as a leader in diplomacy, say Greens

24 January 2022

Responding to the escalating situation in Ukraine and Boris Johnson’s response, Green peer Natalie Bennett, said: 

“It is deeply worrying that there is an escalation towards conflict. With the growing build-up of military forces, Boris Johnson is right to warn that an invasion would be a painful, violent and bloody business [1]. 

“However, Brexit and an over-reliance on gas for electricity and heating has strengthened Putin’s hand. 

“Johnson’s government has also dragged its feet over clamping down on property ownership by Russian oligarchs in London - part of that pit of global corruption that the resignation of Lord Agnew of Oulton on the floor of the House of Lords has highlighted today. 

“Transparency International reveals Russian money in London property to be an eye watering £1.5bn and that almost 150 land titles are owned by Russian individuals with links to Putin’s regime [2]. 

“Under these circumstances, Boris Johnson cannot cast himself as a leader in diplomacy over Ukraine.

“As Greens we continue to emphasise the need for intensified diplomatic efforts while underlining the risk posed by the stockpiles of nuclear weapons, and Britain’s plans to increase its numbers of warheads. We will continue to press for the implementation of the United Nations nuclear weapon ban treaty [3].”






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