Wales Green Party leader reacts to Aberpergwm coal mine extension

26 January 2022

Responding to today's announcement that a coal-mining company has secured a license to mine 40 million more tonnes of coal at Aberpergwm [1], Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter said:

“We need a new coal-mine in Wales like a hole in the head. Less than 2 months ago the UK Government pledged at COP26 to lead the phase-out of coal, yet now they are using every excuse they can to allow millions of tonnes more coal to be dug up and burned.

“Not only this, but they are riding roughshod over the views of thousands of people who do not want more dirty coal-mining near them. 

“We need governments that are serious about cutting our carbon emissions, investing in the future, and protecting our communities. Coal is not the answer.”



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