Greens call for UK to follow EU leadership on asylum for Ukrainians

28 February 2022

The Green Party has called for the UK to follow the lead taken by European leaders in response to Ukrainians seeking sanctuary from war and Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression. Greens are calling for all Ukrainians to be granted asylum and for the establishment of safe routes for people to come to the UK.   

Green spokesperson on Migration and Refugee Support, Benali Hamdache, said:

“The government response to those fleeing war in Ukraine and seeking sanctuary is not the compassionate response the crisis requires. Priti Patel’s announcement that ‘immediate family members’ will be allowed to come to the UK will still close the door to many Ukranians in need of sanctuary [1].   

“Greens are the party of compassion - refugees are welcome here. We demand the UK follow the EU’s lead and grant asylum to all Ukrainians, open safe routes for people to come to the UK and join the EU wide plan for resettling refugees. The Nationality and Borders Bill, which would criminalise Ukraine’s refugees, also needs to be shelved.

Green Party Global Solidarity spokesperson, Carne Ross, added:

“We welcome the support given to brave Ukrainian resistance fighters by EU and NATO partners. In the absence of the multilateral security frameworks that Greens across Europe have long argued for, we cannot allow Ukraine to face Russian aggression alone.”



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