Green Party calls for Constitutional Convention in wake of Johnson resignation

8 July 2022

With Boris Johnson agreeing to resign, and attention now focused on the prime minister’s controversial intention to remain in post until the autumn, the Green Party has called for a ‘Constitutional Convention’ to ‘help build a true and modern democracy’.  

Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said:

“Boris Johnson was never fit for office. But having finally been forced by his own government ministers to concede his time is up, he plans to continue as prime minister until the autumn. Those of us hoping that his resignation would mark the end of a truly unedifying period of British politics will be disappointed.    

“After days of resignations, the breakdown of collective responsibility and total paralysis in our government, the case for constitutional reform could not be clearer. We desperately need a written constitution. 

“If we were a modern democracy we would not be facing questions about whether Johnson could or couldn’t remain as a legitimate caretaker prime minister because procedures would be in place through a written constitution. The weakness of our current system based on honour and gentlemen's agreements has never been fit for purpose but breaks down entirely when faced with such dishonourable politicians as Johnson.

“The Green Party will continue to argue strongly for both a fair voting system and an elected second chamber as a vital part of constitutional reform. But ultimately it’s time for us all to have our say on how our democracy works, which is why Greens say now is the time for a Constitutional Convention to help us build a true and modern democracy.”



The Conservative Party proposed to create a Constitution, Democracy and Rights Commission in its 2019 manifesto

The Green Party’s full constitutional proposals can be found in our submission to the Public Administration and Parliamentary Affairs Committee inquiry

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