Sunak’s net zero roll back “economic and environmental vandalism”, say Greens

20 September 2023

Responding to the news that the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is due to weaken the government’s net zero policies, Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said:

“This is nothing short of economic and environmental vandalism that will mean higher energy bills, fewer jobs and lost investment all while weakening the UK’s climate action even further.

“Households are already paying way more than they should be doing to heat their homes because of the last time the Conservatives decided to ‘cut the green crap’ [1], while businesses are crying out for more certainty from the government over the green transition which so clearly needs to happen.

“The UK is already not doing enough to reach its climate commitments [2]. Watering them down further, instead of ramping them up, will make it even harder to achieve these and further damage the UK’s climate credentials around the world.

“This reckless political gimmick will mean higher energy bills, colder homes, fewer jobs, more dirty air and more climate chaos. Meanwhile, Labour is not saying it will restore anything the Conservatives undo if they are elected at the next election. [3]

“Once again, this shows why it is so important to elect a group of Green MPs to hold whoever is in government to account and fight for better protections for both people and planet.”






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