2023 set to become warmest year on record: response from co-leader Carla Denyer

8 November 2023

Reacting to news that 2023 is set to become the warmest year on record following unprecedented October temperatures [1], co-leader of the Green Party, Carla Denyer, said: 

“Another week, another indicator that our climate is in meltdown. News that 2023 will almost certainly be confirmed as the hottest year on record, comes just a day after the government made the totally reckless decision to push for new oil and gas licences. This represents a massive two fingers up at communities at home and abroad who are on the front line of floods, droughts and fires, and to future generations who face an uninhabitable planet if we continue with business as usual. It’s also another alarming example of the Conservatives’ allergy to evidence-based policymaking. 

“This is another wake-up call – as if any more were needed – on the urgent need to transform our economy and society - ramping up cheaper and abundant renewable resources such as solar and wind power, insulating millions of homes, investing in the infrastructure for active travel, boosting public transport and changing land management practices so that nature can thrive and help to soak up the emissions we’ve released.  

“Only Greens give the climate crisis the focus it needs, which is why, whoever forms the next government, we need more Green Party MPs in parliament pushing for climate action.”    


  1. Global heat: 'Exceptional' autumn sets 2023 up to break records - BBC News 

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