Green Party leader to head up influential animal welfare group

23 September 2009

Caroline Lucas has been named as the new President of the European Parliament's cross-party Animal Welfare Intergroup.

The Green Party leader is well known for her longstanding efforts to achieve better protection for animals, having played a key role in the creation of legislation to ban the sale of cat and dog fur in the EU, and in the recent ban on the import of seal products.

She has also campaigned against the continued use of animals in travelling circuses and the EU-subsidised practice of bullfighting, and opposes the cloning of animals for food.

Caroline, who was given the RSPCA's Michael Kay Award for her outstanding contribution to European animal welfare in 2006, has pledged to put her considerable experience to good use as President of the Intergroup - one of the most effective, high profile cross-party groups in the Parliament.

She said: "I am honoured to have been nominated as President of the Animal Welfare Intergoup and am committed to doing everything possible to build on its well-earned reputation for achieving results.

"With key challenges ahead, like the revision of EU law on the protection of animals used in experiments, it's more vital than ever that the Animal Welfare Intergroup continues to champion animal protection across the EU."

Lucas is also a new member of the European Parliament's Women's Committee, and will continue to serve on the Palestine Delegation, as well as the Trade, Environment and Climate Change Committees.


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