Ground-breaking Norfolk energy scheme could reduce impact of cuts

27 February 2011

The Green Party's spring conference, held in Cardiff this weekend, has passed an emergency motion praising the Norfolk Energy Services Company (ESCO).

The ESCO will put solar panels on council buildings, thus generating income for the council.

This could help reduce the impact of national government cuts in crucial local services.

The Green Party, in its emergency motion, calls on councils throughout the country to explore this policy.

Deputy Leader of the Green Party and Norwich city councillor Adrian Ramsay said: "This scheme is the kind of creative thinking that Greens bring to local councils. It will reduce energy bills, create jobs and help tackle climate change."


Conference notes the move in Norfolk County Council to set up an Energy Services Company.

Conference notes that while progressing renewable energy projects, this company will also generate income for the council, which could help mitigate the damage from the budget cuts forced on it by the Government. Furthermore it will also create long-term, skilled jobs and reduce carbon emissions.

The Green Party congratulates Norfolk County Council on this move, and calls on councils throughout the country to explore this policy as a means of progressing renewable energy projects within their area.

Conference instructs GPEx to publicise and otherwise promote this policy.

Proposed by: Adrian Ramsay

Seconded by: Ryan Cleminson and 17 others

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