New election film broadcasts tonight

27 April 2010

The final part of the Greens' PR campaign opens tonight with the screening of the party's new election broadcast to be followed by the launch of a billboards campaign tomorrow, continuing until polling day with a viral advertising campaign.

Independent sites such as show the Greens with a clear lead when people vote for policy rather than personalities. Further buoyed by recent YouGov and ICM polls and bookies' reports suggesting a Green win for party leader Caroline Lucas, the Greens go into the final week before election day with a new PR offensive. Using the full range of modern digital campaigning techniques to great effect, the Green Party look forward to the first Green MPs in Westminster.

The campaign has so far incorporated social and digital channels, a personalised party election broadcast - a world first for a political party, a mobile app, an online hub for the party, which all sit within, and posters across regional sites.

Election broadcast screened tonight on all channels:

- BBC2 at 5.55pm

- BBC1 at 6.55pm

- Channel 5 at 7.55pm

- ITV at 10.30pm

- Channel 4 at 11.10pm

Billboards unveiled tomorrow - These contain shortcodes allowing passersby to immediately download video content onto their phone to find out more about individual policies. Sites at:





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