Jenny Jones: Boris Johnson misled Londoners during active police investigation

28 July 2011

After this morning's meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority, Jenny Jones, Green member of the MPA said:

"Kit Malthouse says he did not tell London's Mayor about a police briefing last September over new claims on phone hacking.

"However, the Mayor said that he and Malthouse were in continuous discussion. Both cannot be right.

"The Mayor misled Londoners, unintentionally or not, during an active police investigation, and he has to confess publicly which of those it was.

"The Mayor has certainly shown how out of touch he was with events, in spite of his repeated claims that he had 'continuous conversations' with his Deputy Mayor for policing.

"It suggests that the Mayor had those conversations without actually listening.

"He must realise he has to take responsibility for his remarks because they have consequences."


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