Euro-election campaign video - Tony Juniper and Jonathan Porritt on voting Green

29 April 2009



In the second of a series of videos, Tony Juniper and Sir Jonathan Porritt talk about the value of voting Green in the local and European elections.

They were attending the official launch of the Green party's election campaign in the East of England region. Our lead candidate in the East of England is Rupert Read, the party's spokesperson on public services, and a councillor in Norwich.

Tony Juniper, former director of Friends of the Earth, and now the Green Party's candidate for Cambridge in the next general election, said: "We cannot continue with the high-consumption, high-pollution, resource-wasting economy that Europe has gotten used to. We need Greens in the European Parliament to make that happen."

Sir Jonathan Porritt is founder of Forum for the Future, a former director of FoE, and chair of the Sustainable Development Commission. Sir Jonathan said: "The Green Party is the only party that has consistently told the truth about the state of the Earth, and our relationship with it, over the last 35 years. The party's ideas remain as relevant and as radical as all those years ago."

The local and European elections will be on the 4th of June, 2009.

Future videos will outline Green policies on animal protection, on crime, on fuel poverty and housing.



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