Cuts are socially devastating, economically illiterate and morally wrong, says Green Party Leader

25 February 2011

In her keynote speech at the Green Party national conference today in Cardiff, Ms. Lucas told supporters:

‘Cuts that hurt the poorest hardest are morally wrong, but these cuts are not only socially devastating they are economically illiterate.

‘We were the Party who went into the last election with a costed plan to tackle the deficit without decimating public services and destroying jobs.

‘Our policies have never been more urgently needed.'

Stressing that the Green Party was the only force offering a real alternative she said:

‘Our communities need politicians who will put them first - not the bankers, not the party donors, but the people they are supposed to serve.

‘We get involved because we want to put something back into our local communities.

‘We don't depend on big business or the unions to fund our work.'

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavillion also highlighted:

- The need for private companies to be held to account, particularly those in charge of public services, through freedom of information law.

- The urgency of reform and modernisation in British politics.

- The blatant opportunism of Cameron's trip with arms manufacturers to the Middle East.

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