Greens look for gains in local elections

4 May 2011

The Green Party is standing over 1600 candidates in Thursday's local elections in England and Welsh Assembly elections. The Greens hope to make gains from all three main political parties.

Adrian Ramsay, Green Party deputy leader, said: "Across the country, we've had a good response on doorstep. In area after area, people feel let down by the LibDems and are looking for a party that will stick to its principles and really bring a fresh approach to politics."

The Green Party is also confident of electing their first Welsh Assembly Member this Thursday. Today's YouGov poll shows Greens on 8% in South Wales Central. Jake Griffiths, the lead Green Party candidate in South Wales Central, needs just 7% of the vote to be elected under the Wales Assembly system of proportional representation.

Ramsay also outlined why a Green vote on Thursday is crucial: "The coalition government is making big cuts to local services. For example, £84 million from Brighton and Hove council's budget - an average of £700 from everyhousehold in the city. In Brighton and elsewhere, Greens will consult local residents, unions, the business community and voluntary groups about taking clear and wise decisions to make the most of every public penny. We need to protect public services from the crippling cuts being forced on our communities.

"Greens are presenting a clear alternative to Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories. In several areas Green councillors are developing plans for council-run energy companies which will generate a new income stream for councils and help protect services from cuts. Installing solar panels on council properties creates jobs, reduces carbon emissions and saves money on fuel bills. This is the sort of innovative approach that Green councillors bring."


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