North West Greens European Selection Result

7 March 2012

North West Greens European Selection Result

With the European Election in 2014 now just over 2 years away, the Green Party have completed the selection of its lead two candidates in the North West region.

Peter Cranie, who topped the list in 2009, and Gina Dowding, a former Lancaster City councillor, will be leading the strongest ever Green campaign in the region, with the clear aim of gaining their first ever MEP.

Peter, a former member of the Green Party's National Executive, an anti-racism campaigner and a branch environmental rep for UCU said:

"In the last election in 2009, the Green Party increased their share of the vote by nearly 40% and were less than 5,000 votes from winning a seat . With 5 million electors in the North West, that is an incredibly narrow margin. We are absolutely determined to succeed this time and elect a Green Euro MP to represent our region.


Voters are disillusioned with the red, yellow and blue parties who share a consensus about further cuts to public services. The Greens are the only national party left arguing for social justice instead of cuts to essential services. Our Green New Deal proposes a real way out of the economic mess we are currently in."

Gina added:

"We've got a tremendous amount of work to do. We'll need the biggest and best financed campaign we've ever put together. But we go into this election with a 50% increase in membership and many more active local parties across the North West. The prospects are good and with the efforts of everyone in the North West we will succeed."

The North West Greens will be holding a conference in the summer where key issues will be discussed and manifesto development will take place.

The BNP leader Nick Griffin took the last seat in the North West in 2009. If the Greens gain a seat in 2014 it is likely to be at the expense of the BNP.



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2) Green Quantitative Easing and

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