Policy Development Committee Elections 2018

The Policy Development Committee comprises five members who help to ensure that motions brought to conference are the best they can be.

The committee was elected by national ballot for the first time in 2017 and will be elected by the members again this year.

What is the PDC?

It is important to be aware that Policy Development Committee does not make policy. Green Party policy is made through motions to Conference, and this Committee aims to help members to bring forward the best motions they can, especially by liaising with Policy Working Groups and through the new Accreditation process. The PDC also advise on the interpretation of existing policy, and have limited powers to make minor changes to Policies for a Sustainable Society (our long-term book of policies) in between conferences. We report all changes we make to the next Conference so that members can vote to reverse them if they wish.

To get involved in Policy Development Committee you don't need to be an expert on policy, but it does help to have an interest in one or more policy areas and some familiarity with the current policy process - this is set out in detail in the policy section of the members' website.

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