The Green Party National Executive

The Green Party elects its National Executive Committee each year ahead of our Autumn Conference. The Green Party National Executive (GPEx) meets around ten times a year and is responsible for the day to day running of the party.

National Executive Members for 2014-15 are:

Richard Mallender

Elections Co-ordinator:
Judy Maciejowska

Policy Co-ordinator:
Sam Riches

Finance Co-ordinator:
Michael Coffey

External Communications Co-ordinator:
Penny Kemp, Clare Phipps, and Matt Hawkins

Campaigns Co-ordinator:
Howard Thorp

Publications Co-ordinator:
Martin Collins

International Co-ordinator:
Derek Wall 

Internal Communications Co-ordinator:
Peter Barnett

Local Party Support Co-ordinator:
Emily Blyth

Management Co-ordinator:
Mark Cridge

Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator:
Shan Oakes and Jack McGlen 

Trade Union Co-ordinator:
Romayne Phoenix 

Young Greens Co-ordinators:
Clifford Fleming and Siobhan MacMahon and