Green Party Spokespeople

You can find the most recent News and Press Releases here.

If you are a journalist looking to interview a Green Party spokesperson, please consult the below list.

To contact one of our spokespeople, please contact (unless specified differently below):
Phone: Green Party press office 020 3691 9401

Leaders and Parliamentarians

Co-leaders: Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay

Twitter: @carla_denyer and @AdrianRamsay

Deputy Leader: Amelia Womack

Twitter: @Amelia_Womack

Wales Leader: Anthony Slaughter

Twitter: @as_penarth

Member of Parliament: Caroline Lucas MP

Phone: Caroline’s press officer, Joanna Mills 07885 459 904
Twitter: @CarolineLucas

Member of the House of Lords: Natalie Bennett

Twitter: @NatalieBen

Member of the House of Lords: Jenny Jones

Twitter: @GreenJennyJones


Policy Spokespeople


Culture, Sport and Digital Inclusion spokesperson

Jack Lenox


Democracy and Citizen Engagement spokesperson

Zack Polanski

Jack Lenox 


 Zack Polanski


Disability spokesperson

Mags Lewis

Equalities and Diversity spokesperson

Ria Patel

Margaret Lewis 

 Ria Patel

Finance and Economy spokesperson

Molly Scott Cato 

Global Solidarity spokesperson

Carne Ross

Molly Scott Cato 

Carne Ross 

 Green New Deal spokesperson

Zoe Nicholson 

Health, Social Care and
Public Health 

Dr Pallavi Devulapalli 

 Zoe Nicholson  Pallavi Devulapalli 


Housing and Communities spokesperson

Ellie Chowns


Lifelong Education spokesperson

Vix Lowthion

Ellie Chowns   Vix Lowthion 


Migration and Refugee Support spokesperson

Benali Hamdache 


 Natural World spokesperson

Jonathan Elmer 

Benali Hamdache    Jonathan Elmer 


Peace and Global Justice spokesperson

Hannah Clare


Transport and Healthy Streets spokesperson

Matt Edwards

Hannah Clare     Matt Edwards 

Work, Employment and Social Security spokesperson

Professor Catherine Rowett

 Professor Catherine Rowett    


Green Party Groups

Association of Green Councillors: Nicola Day, Chair 

Website: | Twitter: @GreenCllrs

Greens of Colour: Kefentse Dennis, Chair

Website: | Twitter: @GreensofColour

LGBTQIA+ Greens: Seb Cousins and Ria Patel, Co-Chairs

website: | Twitter: @LGBTIQAGreens

Young Greens: Jane Baston and Kelsey Trevett, Co-Chairs

Website: | Twitter: @YoungGreenParty

Green Party Women


Green Party Disability Group


Jewish Greens


Green Seniors


Green Party Trade Union Group


Greens for Animal Protection