The Green Party Regional Council

The Regional Council provides a forum for dialogue between Regions. It is responsible for keeping under review the general well-being of the Party and for supporting and advising the Green Party Executive, particularly on matters of political strategy. It also has overall responsibility for interim policy statements between Conferences.  It has 20 members, 2 elected from each region.

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Current Membership (January 2018):

GPRC Co-Chairs:
Female Co-Chair: Liz Carlton
Male Co-Chair: Rob Grant

Regional representatives (alphabetically by region):

East Midlands
Kat Boettge
Richard Mallendar

Liz Carlton
Adrian Spurrell

Peter Underwood
Rachel Collinson

North East
Rachel Featherstone

North West
Kathy Booth
Laura Fisk

South East
David Newman

South West
Oliver Dowding

Kat Driscoll
Louise Davies

West Midlands
Roxanne Green
Rob Grant

Yorkshire & Humberside
Rosie Baker
Tony Nicholson