Richard Mallender

Richard MallenderRichard was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire and now lives in West Bridgford near Nottingham.

He is married to fellow Green councillor Sue, and has two step-daughters.

Richard has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Teesside. He also studied at post-graduate level at the University of Aberdeen.

Richard has worked in IT and telecommunications and for the Red Cross. He currently works for Nottingham City Council.

Safer Streets for All 

Richard is vice-chair of the West Bridgford Local Area Forum which brings together local community groups. He works with the forum to promote 20 mph zones in residential areas.

Richard is an active member of Friends of the Hook. The group aims to create a new nature reserve by the River Trent. He is treasurer of the Lady Bay Community Association and takes part in many local activities such as:

  • community gardening
  • campaigning to re-open public footpaths

Richard is a member of Rushcliffe Borough Council and has in the past served as a member of Brighton City Council. He is Chair of Nottingham Green Party and Parliamentary Candidate for Rushcliffe.

Sustainable Rushcliffe 

Richard recently got his local council to sign up to the Sustainable Communities Act. This will give people a bigger say in local decision making.

Richard wants grants to be made available for everyone to help insulate their homes. There should also be grants to fit solar panels for heating water or generating electricity. This would save energy and lower household bills too.