Green Party Manifesto 2010 - Our vision

Some will tell you that ‘green’ issues are a luxury in times of economic hardship. Wrong. Green policies are essential if we are to get out of this mess and create a sustainable and fair economy.

Our vision is of a fairer society that meets everyone’s needs, and an economy working with nature rather than against it.

Of a more equal society. Of higher incomes for pensioners rather than bonuses for bankers. Of quieter, cleaner, safer streets. Of stronger local communities and the space for children to play and learn. Of healthier, safer, better food and the quality time to appreciate it. Of a natural world left more to itself.

This dream is achievable. All it requires is political courage – and popular democratic backing for that courage. Only the Greens want to see the back of rampant inequality, deregulation and laissez-faire.

Only the Greens have understood the lessons of the financial crisis, and know what to do about it. Only the Green Party has a vision for Britain that will see a better quality of life for everyone.